Results via SMS
We will send you and your friends their drawn name via SMS. Don't bug your friends asking them for their email and keep your draws at hand.
You can specify if someone can't be paired with another person, let participants know the gift exchange date and set a gift price limit.
Gift Suggestions
After the first SMS participants can text back their gift preferences and their match will receive them via SMS, all without revealing their identities.

Terms of Service and Data Protection

What Personal Data is Our App Collecting and Storing?

Our app collects and stores participants’ phone numbers and names. The storage period for this data is 6 months to facilitate the matching process in our Secret Santa service. The gift preferences, or payment information are never stored in our databases. For insights into user interactions, we utilize Hotjar Inc. services. Payment data is collected and processed by Stripe Inc.

How is This Personal Data Collected and Stored?

Data is explicitly collected through our forms and processed on our server. Participants’ phone numbers and names are stored in a secure MongoDB Atlas database. Hotjar Inc. & Vercel collects data about user interactions on our website (excluding payment actions), storing it securely on their servers. We use Twilio to send SMSs to participants, they store the participants' phone numbers.

User Data Control and Consent

Users can request the removal of their data from our database by contacting us at We comply with GDPR-required timings for these requests. For Hotjar-collected data, as it is anonymized, we cannot identify specific users. Users wishing to avoid this data collection should discontinue using our services. Payment information can be requested to be deleted, except for required invoice data.

Cookies Information

We use cookies to maintain state across different steps of our service. These cookies are not used for marketing purposes or to track users across websites.